A strategic professional with over ten years of experience in Real Estate and
Property Development Industry, Matt understands the importance of creating a lasting impression. Having studied in fine arts and possessing the unique skill set of
both left and right side of the brain function being both analytical and methodical while being creative and artistic Matt took his creative skills into the world of Marketing and Sales.

Through his Real Estate endeavours Matt transitioned from a Local Real Estate Agent into Corporate and Business Development, Marketing, Strategy and Sales Management and has worked with multiple start-ups within
the property tech space, travelling the world demonstrating a strong understanding of the importance of marketing and branding in taking new businesses to market on a local and global scale. Utilising his wealth of knowledge when it comes to the digital space, business growth and marketing as a whole, Matt loves to cultivate innovative ideas to align with the different niches and brand objectives, whilst providing strategic and effective plans with a sales centric focus.